Freshmen Embrace Valkyrie Life


Freshmen receive a single rose at Freshman Mass From left to right: Haley Carr, Madison Rastocny, Caroline Schmid, Ainsley Metzmeier, Anna Pfeifer, and Kristen Clemons.

Katie Arnold, Staff Reporter | Social Media Director

Freshman year can be scary for the new Valkyries, but Sacred Heart’s freshmen activities makes the transition easier.

During the months of August and September, the freshmen participate in Frosh Start, Freshman Orientation, Freshman Mass, Freshman Retreat, Frosh Blast and Freshman Grandparent Brunch.

Frost Start kicks off the freshmen activities. Led by seniors, freshmen become familiar with their new classmates and new school through activities and games, including a scavenger hunt. Freshmen learn the SHA cheers and they even get to watch a fashion show depicting regular uniform, dress uniform, pep rally attire, and themed-game attire.

Another element of Frosh Start is taking ID pictures, which they keep until junior year (for better or worse). They end the day with pizza and excitement about their first real school day at SHA.

“My favorite thing about Frosh Start was that I got to meet new people before school started,” said freshman Lily Gahm.

Freshman Orientation is a beneficial day for the green Valkyries. They receive their iPads, meet their teachers, and learn their way around the school. Learning to open their lockers can be a challenge, but the student council members and teachers are around to help. The hope is that after orientation, they are more prepared for the first day with the rest of the student body.

Freshman Kristen Clemons said, “My favorite part of my first day at SHA was receiving my iPad!”

Freshman Mass is a time for the new Valkyries and their parents to worship together. While at the mass, the freshmen receive a single rose symbolic of the beginning of their journey as a Valkyrie. When they graduate, they receive twelve roses symbolic of the end of their journey.

Freshman retreat is a way of bonding with each other while incorporating a spiritual aspect. On retreat, they play games and activities that create a bond between the girls and allow them to be their unique selves.

SHA Retreat Director, Mrs. Ruth Kelly said, “Freshman retreat is about building community – the freshman core value.”

One of the best nights of freshman year is Frosh Blast. At the pajama party, freshmen get to participate in karaoke, take pictures in the photo booth, play games, have their face painted, and eat lots of pizza and cookies.

“My favorite part of Frosh Blast was the dancing,” said freshman Iuania Pointer.

New this year was the Freshmen Grandparent Brunch. During TEAM, grandparents or mentors gathered with the freshmen in the gym and they were able to chat over breakfast food.

After an eventful beginning of the school year, the freshmen have made many new friendships that will last beyond their four years in high school.