SHA Students Support Local Football Teams


Members of the SHA dance team pose before the game.

Caroline Puryear, News Editor

This past Friday, Sept. 30 thousands gathered at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium to watch the annual Trinity v St. X football game.

The game brings out alums, families and high school students alike to cheer on their favorite team. Among those are Sacred Heart students who love the opportunity to tailgate with friends and be a part of their community.

“Honestly the best part of the game this year was the weather because it was perfect,” senior Emma Lucas said. “I also enjoyed seeing everyone at the game too.”

Sacred Heart had their own part in the game, too. During halftime the SHA dance team performed a hip-hop routine to hype the crowd. Sacred Heart was one of four all-girls schools to participate in the half-time performances, an annual tradition.

“My favorite part about dancing at the St.X/Trinity game is being out on the field and seeing the crowd cheering,” senior Katie Priest said. “I’ve watched the dance teams at halftime since I was little, so being able to be out there dancing myself each year is still so cool to me.”

Trinity defeated St. X 35-13. In their last ten meetings, spanning back to 2010, Trinity has outmatched St. X 9 of 10 times.