SHA Celebrates Valkyrie Week


Sacred Heart Yearbook

SHA girls decorating doors during Valkyrie Week.

Christian Davis and Maggie Doheny

Get excited for Valkyrie Week!

Valkyrie Week marks the birthday of Sacred Heart Academy. This year, it is Oct. 3-7.  Check out the festivities!


Monday, Oct. 3:

  • Donuts provided to four A block classes
  • Freshmen: SHA Spiritwear
  • Socktober Drive during lunch

Tuesday, Oct. 4:

  • Door decorating during TEAM
  • Sign ups for cake decorating contest
  • Sophomores: SHA Spiritwear
  • Socktober Drive during lunch

Wednesday, Oct. 5:

  • Surprise giveaways
  • Juniors: SHA Spiritwear
  • Socktober Drive during lunch

Thursday, Oct. 6:

  • Cake decorating contest second half of TEAM
  • Seniors: SHA Spiritwear
  • Socktober Drive during lunch

Friday, Oct. 7:

  • Fall Sports pep rally
  • Birthday cake at lunch
  • Singing “Happy Birthday” to SHA
  • Free Dress: Class colors or dress like a Valkyrie
  • Socktober Drive during lunch

The Y Club will hold the Socktober Drive during lunch every day.  This drive will sell socks for $4 in order to raise money for LIMBS International. This organization raises money for people who need prosthetic limbs and organs, but cannot afford them.

There are many exciting things to look forward to during Valkyrie Week! Happy birthday, SHA!