Post-Production: The Outsiders


Elizabeth Carrigan

Members of the cast of The Outsiders pose during dress rehearsal. From left to right: Hayden Easterling, Tate Becherer, Elizabeth Carrigan, Mason Doyle, Kellen Murphy, and Jack Kirwan.

Kylie Menish, Staff Reporter

Saturday, Sept. 24 was the final show of The Outsiders put on by Saint Xavier High School.

The show was based upon the book The Outsiders written by S.E. Hinton. The focus is on two rival groups based in 1960, the Greasers and the Socs.

Sacred Heart students Meghan Bishop, Payton Sims and Elizabeth Carrigan all played roles in the production.

How does a SHA student become involved in a St. X production?

Bishop said, “I found out about the audition through a friend, and I had to audition because this is my favorite book ever. There were a bunch of girls who auditioned and only six made it in, so I was super excited to get the part.”

The Outsiders, a book read in middle schools across the country, is especially relevant today, as we are a community that is often divided by social and political issues.

Carrigan said,  “It reminds the audience of the importance of finding peace and how harmful it can be to others and ourselves if we don’t.”

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