New Year, New SHA


Megan Bishop, Staff Reporter

Over the summer of 2016, Sacred Heart underwent several renovations to make the school more modernized. On September 21, those who worked on the renovations gathered to celebrate the completion of their work.

“We tried to make everything exciting where we could for the students,” said project interior designer, Ashley Meeks.

Time was key when renovating SHA.

The entire process was divided into two phases. Phase one was completed in the summer of 2015, with work being done on Salesia Hall and a few classrooms. Phase two was the most recent and most time consuming.

“The second phase was a lot more work, with five different projects plus building [the IT side],” said project architect, Anna Triplett.

The front desk, lockers, red chairs and much more have changed since last school year.

SHA has a completely new look, which offers more color and a more modern style to the halls.

“We wanted to bring it to life,” said Amy Montgomery-Bergeron (SHA ’94) of White House Residential/Commercial Painting.