Who is the New Teacher in Mrs. Meirose’s Room?


Megan Bishop and Michelle Thornberry

Over the summer, Mrs. Jennifer Meirose gave birth to her fourth child. In her absence, Lynne Link, a permanent substitute teacher is one of the many new faces at Sacred Heart Academy.

Ms. Link teaches freshmen theology and is excited to interact with SHA students.

She previously taught at St. Scholastica Academy, and all-girls Catholic school in Louisiana. Ms. Link lived in Louisiana with her husband and two children, Josephine and Patrick. Her husband received a job opportunity in Louisville, and she made the move to SHA after researching the school.

In high school she was active in her community, belonging to the student council, playing tennis, and running cross country. Ms. Link attended Spring Hill College in Alabama, where she began studying neuroscience. However, during her studies she was required to take theology. Her goal at SHA is to spread the Word of God through her teaching methods.

“I learned about God in high school, but not on this level,” said Ms. Link.

Freshmen and new teachers have one thing in common: both tend to get extremely nervous before the start of a new year. Ms. Link felt the same, but wishes her past self know everything would fall into place.

Ms. Link encourages the students of Sacred Heart to focus on being themselves rather than trying to fit in.

“Be who you are, and you are going to find a home here,” said Ms. Link. “You are going to find a lot of happiness here.”