Confidence is Key


Photo Courtesy of Ms. Cindy Allison

SHA students raise awareness for eating disorders.

Christian Davis, Staff Reporter

A key to success is having self-confidence. However, millions of teen girls struggle with being positive about themselves. Sacred Heart Academy’s Fight for Confidence Club helps students realize their full potential and emphasizes the idea everyone is beautiful in their own way.

The Fight for Confidence Club was started in 2014 by Kendall Baumraucker and Brett Baughmann. SHA students have joined this club to help raise awareness of body image, eating disorders, and self-worth.

Throughout the year, the Fight for Confidence Club participates in several events throughout the community. Saturday, Sept. 10, they participated in the National Eating Disorders Awareness Walk at the Bellarmine Quad for the third year in a row.

SHA senior Kylie Menish was an Honoree at the NEDA walk.

Menish said, “There were [a lot] of girls who showed up which was awesome.”

High attendance at the event reinforces the need and desire for a confidence club. Many Valkyries attended and donated to this walk, including students, teachers, and other staff members, showing Sacred Heart’s passion about this important cause.

Through this walk and a bake sale, the Fight for Confidence Club raised $320. All proceeds were donated to the NEDA Foundation. The Fight for Confidence Club will be holding several other events throughout the year including the Fight for Confidence Walk in the spring to raise awareness of self-confidence and eating disorders.

Want to find ways to get more involved in the SHA community and support an important cause for all women? Join the Fight for Confidence Club. Strong bonds and relationships are made through this club which could last a lifetime. Please contact Ms. Dotson for more information.