Inspired by Strong Women to Inspire Others: Ms. Jennifer Snyder


Ms. Snyder teaches a group of seniors earlier this year.

Lauren Eugenio and Grace Lawler

Ms. Jennifer Snyder is one of the new teachers this year at Sacred Heart.

Ms. Snyder’s passion for teaching came from her grandma, who was a fourth grade teacher for 45 years.

“So I just kinda followed along in her footsteps and I used to go in her classroom when I was little and help her,” said Snyder.

Ms. Snyder attended high school and was raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She went on to get her undergraduate at Auburn and her master’s at University of Louisville.

After getting her masters, she then continued to practice education for 25 years, teaching for 12. Her experience includes acting as an assistant director at a preschool for five years, and teaching grades fourth, sixth, seventh, and eighth. Now, at SHA, she teachers sophomores and seniors. She enjoys her seniors, but will always a passion for teaching middle school students because they’re misunderstood.

So why English?

Ms. Snyder said, “I loved reading and writing and that was just the natural progression.”

Ms. Snyder decided to join the team at SHA because she was ready for a new challenge. After teaching eighth grade for 12 years, she could do it with her eyes closed and was ready for something fresh.

Senior Abby Reburn said, “She understands us.”

The understanding is a byproduct of having a son who is a senior at North Oldham and a daughter who just started at Georgetown College.

Ms. Snyder wants her students to know she is here for them.

“The whole reason I do this is so I can help someone figure out who they are, and how to express it…but in a way that helps young women find their voice.”

She wants her students to be articulate, well-spoken, and well-written.

Ms. Snyder is a supportive teacher and we are lucky to have her at home with the the Valkyries. She was inspired by strong women and wants to leave the same impact on her students.