From Learner to Leader: Kathryn Hilleary Returns to Sacred Heart as Teacher and Coach

Mrs. Hilleary coaches sprinters and teaches at SHA.

Mrs. Hilleary coaches sprinters and teaches at SHA.

Shelby Arnett and Christian Davis

Former Sacred Heart Academy student Kathryn Hilleary has returned home as a new religion teacher.

After graduating from Sacred Heart, Mrs. Hilleary attended college at the University of Louisville, and graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature/Letters.

Mrs. Hilleary is thrilled to be back at Sacred Heart and teaches freshman religion.

When asked about why she made the decision to teach at Sacred Heart, Hilleary said, “I wanted to come back to the high school I knew.”

In the past school year, Mrs. Hilleary was a substitute teacher.

“Once there was a job available, I jumped in,” she said.

Mrs. Hilleary excelled as as SHA student.

“My favorite part about Sacred Heart is the friends I made here. I am still friends with many of them today,” she said.

She was given a different perspective once she came back to teach, especially with those who taught her when she was a Valkyrie.
Aside from teaching, Mrs. Hilleary is also an assistant track and cross country coach at SHA. She ran as a Valkyrie from 1989-1993.

“Coach Heim came to Sacred Heart to coach running my junior year, so I ran for him my last two years,” said Mrs. Hilleary.

The former Valkyrie was also the Sacred Heart cross country captain her senior year.

From Coach Heim’s runner to his assistant coach, Mrs. Hilleary said, “There is never a dull moment.”

Hilleary also coaches with Ms. Claire Julien and Ms. Emma Brink, former Valkyries and runners as well.

Mrs. Hilleary is ecstatic to be a new teacher at Sacred Heart. Her experience as a former student was positive and unforgettable, and she cannot wait to make more memories with her students and fellow faculty.

Hilleary exemplified the true model of a Valkyrie when at Sacred Heart as a student, and continues to do so as a teacher and coach.