Building Houses to Building Hearts: Ms. Katie Givens


Ms. Katie Givens, a first-year teacher at Sacred Heart Academy, is teaching math to sophomores and seniors.

Emily Perrone and Maggie Doheny

At one point in her life, Sacred Heart Academy math teacher and SHA alumna, Ms. Katie Givens thought she would make a living designing buildings, but today she is back at SHA building part of the heart.

Ms. Givens, class of 2006, started teaching math on the SHS campus this fall.

Of her return to SHA, Ms. Givens said, “I feel very passionately about helping young women develop mathematical skills and logical reasoning.”

Ms. Givens expressed she felt she belonged at Sacred Heart and is now pursuing her dream job of becoming a math teacher.

Originally, Givens was a math and art major in hopes of becoming an architect. Realizing she was not a solitary person going after a career in architecture, a solitary job, she then decided to change her path by utilizing her skills in math and art for marketing.

At the University of Louisville, Ms. Givens majored in marketing and art history. After realizing that marketing was also not the field she wanted to pursue, she decided to focus only on her math skills by becoming a teacher.

Ms. Givens’ favorite part about teaching at SHA? The students.

“I hope [my students] gain confidence in their own mathematical ability,” she said. “I hope they take [their math ability] forward and use it, and don’t let any problem intimidate them or any person intimidate them.”

As a student at SHA, Ms. Givens was a dedicated student. Her favorite memory of high school was completing the International Baccalaureate Certificate and IB exams. She also had a great experience on her senior retreat. These high school memories are one of the reasons why she is back at SHA today.

The SHA community is thrilled to have an alumna return to further the students’ education and cannot wait to see the impact she has on them.